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Vet EMD Laparoscopy Trocars

Veterinary Laparoscopy Trocars and Parts


Silicon Seal Valve


Auto Trap-Door Valve


Manual Trap-Door

  • Durable trocar components are made of stainless steel to ensure long lifespan
  • The high precision, robotics controlled laser-welding result in both an extraordinary stable construction and an aesthetic appearance
  • Range of valves includes easy assembling automatic silicone valves and trap-door valves for automatic or manual valve opening
  • Manual valve opening: the basically automatic valve can be opened from the outside manually
  • Fast and easy assembling by bayonet locking
  • Reprocessing: trocar sleeves are simply dismountable, all components are perfectly cleanable, disinfectable and autoclavable
  • Autoclavable, color coded silicone sealings

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