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Cleaning & Maintenance Instruments & Accessories

Supplies to keep your endoscopes in top condition.  One of the most important ways to keep your endoscope in good working condition, and to prevent the spread of contamination (such as viruses, bacteria, poisonous fluids, etc.), is to regularly clean, sterilize and lubricate your endoscope and its accessories.  ESS provides here some of the tools and materials for you to maintain your instrument for many years to come. 

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Medical & Veterinary Cleaning
Cleaning and Maintenance products for both Medical and Veterinary facilities such as Metricide OPA+, ATT-Series Leak Testers, Silicon Oils, DCB Disposable Cleaning Brushes, CCB Reusable Cleaning Brushes.
Veterinary-Only Cleaning
Veterinary Cleaning Products - cleaning products designated for veterinary-use only: Sponges/Brushes/Fluids; Vet Gas Sterilization; Pure Station (tm) Cleaning/Flushing System (PCF-32); Veterinary Rigid Sterilization Trays.

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Price: $42.00
PUREChannel Flush enzymatic cleaning solution, 32oz bottle (Veterinary Only)
Price: $357.00
Designed by endoscopy nurses, flexible scopes can be safely coiled for complete immersion in disinfecting solution in its 20" round, 6" depth tray. The lift-off lid completely covers the tray, limiting fumes. Max temp is 185°F. Made in the USA.