(845) 277-1700
(845) 277-1700

Welcome to The ESS Service Department

With 38 years of industry experience, ESS stands as the longest-standing and most reliable independent scope service provider, catering to customers globally.
How can we assist you?

Service Department Hours:

Mon-Fri: 9:00am-5:00pm Eastern Time
(Excluding Holidays)

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

FAX#: (845) 276-4200

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Repair Services for:

  • Both Veterinary & Medical (human) Endoscopes
  • Flexible Fiberoptic & Video Endoscopes
  • Rigid Endoscopes (rod lens & fiber)
  • Light Sources
  • Video Endoscopy Processors
  • Endoscopy Video Camera Systems
  • Video Connectors & Modules
  • Surgical Accessories

ScopePLus Service Contract

ESS ScopePlus Service Contract
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Repairs Made Simple

ESS strives to make endoscopy equipment repair as simple as possible:

FIRST: Click the button below to download an Adobe® Acrobat PDF copy of our "Speed-Up Repair" form to send with your instrument for repairs:

ESS 'Speed-Up Repair' form button

NOTE: All Repairs include an additional $40.00USD inspection fee.

SECOND: Carefully box your endoscope/endoscopy equipment:

  1. For flexible endoscopes: place the instrument in the padded case it originally came with, then tape the two halves closed with a couple of pieces of packaging tape (to prevent the case from opening during transit)
    If you don't have the original padded case, carefully lay you flexible endoscope in a circle (such as when you place it in a tub for soaking), and wrap it completely in bubble-wrap or foam, and tape all areas where the scope could slip out. Then, place it in a padded box.
  2. For rigid endoscopes or other instruments that do not have a padded case, carefully wrap the instrument in bubble-wrap/packaging plastic so that it's cushioned from shock force (such as dropping)
  3. Place the protected instrument in a well-padded shipping box (NOTE: It should have a minimum of two (2) inches/five (5) centimeters of space between your instrument and all sides of the box, then space should be filled with packaging material for cushioning)

THIRD: Ship your instrument via FedEx or UPS to:

ESS, Inc.
ATTN: Service Department
3 Fallsview Lane
Brewster, NY 10509


ESS ENT Repair Services

ESS Service Department offers many repair services, even for small diameter endoscopes such as those for Ear, Nose and Throat practices.

Our service department can repair rhinoscopes, bronchoscopes, cystoscopes/ureteroscopes, and many others.

Don't forget, we also repair rigid ENT endoscopes as well!

Repairs: Easy as 1-2-3

At ESS, repairs are simple to have done. No need to make any arrangements or get a special "code" to send your instrument to ESS for a repair. Just follow the simple, "ESS 1-2-3 Method" for repair:

1-2-3 Repair Chart: 1) Send it, 2) Inspect it, 3) Return it

When ESS receives your instrument:

  • We will EMAIL you an itemized list of repairs needed and the repair cost
  • We will provide you with the repair turnaround time
  • We will advise you on the best course of action to take with your instrument