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Veterinary Division - Everything endoscopy for the veterinarian

We are specialists in our field.

We specialize in helping veterinarians profit from endoscopy. The "partnering" approach we've used for the years we've been in business, has worked beautifully to form lasting connections with our customers.

Oakland Veterinary Referral Services receiving an endoscopy tower from ESS, Inc.

(Oakland Veterinary Referral Services receiving an endoscopy tower from ESS, Inc.)

Please take the time to contact us to discuss your needs, budget and long-term goals so we can assist you in purchasing the right products.

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To all our U.S. Customers:

We're experiencing a connection issue with our 1-800-DVM-ENDO (386-3636) Toll-Free number. Our Telecom Service Provider is working on correcting the issue. If you're having trouble calling that number (getting a 3-tone phone company message stating that you cannot connect at this time), you can use our other Toll-Free number: 1-800-FIX-ENDO (349-3636) or our main phone number at 1 (845) 277-1700 to reach ESS, Inc.

We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused you. We thank you very much for your patronage.

~ ESS Staff

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Quick Demo of the Olympus 180 System - available through ESS


ESS Veterinary Video Endoscopy System

Veterinary Endoscopes

View our new veterinary flexible and rigid endoscopes including the ESS Veterinary Video Endoscopy System (under "Vet Flexible Scopes").

ESS Instruments

Endoscopy Instruments

Hand instruments for biopsies, retrievals, polyp removal, scrapings, etc. for both flexible and rigid endoscopy. Offering Smith & Nephew ® Brand shaver blades and units for veterinary use.

Endoscopy accessories for veterinary

Veterinary Accessories

Endoscopy accessories for your veterinary suite: water bottles, new & used replacement parts (buttons, caps, etc.) for ESS and other brand instruments such as Olympus® and Pentax®, BAL traps, endotracheal adapters, BTC-1 Biopsy Transfer Cassettes, and much more.

Image of Service Dept. repair shop

Repair Services

The ESS Service Department can repair virtually all makes and models of flexible (fiberoptic or video) & rigid endoscopes, light sources, video camera systems, processors, modules, light guide cables, forceps, microforceps and much more!  Check out our Service Department page...

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Used/Refurbished Endoscopy Equipment from ESS, Inc.

Used Equipment

View our inventory of used/refurbished endoscopy equipment.  Many different endoscopes and accessories of brands such as Olympus®, Pentax®, Dyonics®, Stryker®, Smith & Nephew®, ACMI, etc.

If we don't have what you're looking for, send us your Wish List and we will look for the items from our many resources.

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