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Customer Rewards Points

A customer appreciation program from ESS, Inc.

As thanks to you for making your online endoscopy purchases at Endoscopy.com, ESS® offers the Customer Rewards Points Program.

For every dollar you spend online, ESS® gives you one (1) Rewards Point - and, for every 100 rewards points, ESS® will give you $1 of credit towards future online purchases.

You can check your accumulated Rewards Points and your online credit through your online customer account.

1) Login to your customer account, and select "View your Rewards Points":

Pic of Customer Menu

2) The next screen will show you your Rewards Points status and the dollar amount those rewards points translate to:

Pic of Rewards Points screen (example)

To use your rewards points towards a purchase, enter how many points you want to use for the sale in the "Payment & Other Information" section during checkout (located at the end near the "Place Order" button):

Payment & Other Information sample screenshot (annotated)

Just another way that ESS® strives to be
your BEST source for everything endoscopy!