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Used Veterinary Equipment

Used Veterinary Equipment

Used/Refurbished endoscopy equipment for Veterinary use

For our complete list of used/refurbished equipment, please go to our USED EQUIPMENT section of the catalog. Don't forget to view our list of Veterinary Packages - complete, ready-to-use packages with everything you need to get started (or expand on your existing equipment).


The Flexible Endoscopes listed here come essentially "as is".  What we provide with each used/refurbished endoscope purchase are the following:

  1. One (1) Air/Water Valve
  2. One (1) Suction Valve
  3. One (1) Biopsy valve cap
  4. One (1) Soaking cap (for umbilical connectors that require it)
  5. One (1) Photocopy of an Operation (user) Manual

Cleaning accessories (such as channel cleaning brushes, button port cleaning brushes, Air/Water & Suction port caps, flushing kits, etc.) and maintenance accessories (such as leak testers, silicone oil lubricants, etc.) are SOLD SEPARATELY.

Please, unless the particular listing states that the previously mentioned items come with the unit as part of the purchase, you will need to purchase separately or make a note in your order that you require the necessary maintenance and cleaning items with your purchase (if you cannot find them on our website).

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