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Flexible 1-Meter Endoscopes

Flexible 1-Meter Endoscopes
Flexible 1-meter long gastroscopes for veterinary use
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Used/refurbished veterinary gastroscope - 11.3mm outer diameter, 102cm working length, 3.7mm biopsy channel (1B/0G)
Used/refurbished fiberoptic veterinary gastroscope - 11.2mm outer diameter, 102cm working length, 3.7mm biopsy channel (5B/0G)
Used/refurbished veterinary fiberoptic duodenoscope - 11.0mm outer diameter, 124cm working length, 3.2mm biopsy channel (6B +Stain / 90 degree angle view)
Service contract for your flexible endoscopes to keep them at peak performance. Save up to 50% on the cost of a major repair. Common repairs covered. Minimum one (1) year contract. Call ESS for details and pricing.