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Video Monitors

Video Monitors
Video monitors available through Endoscopy Support Services, Inc. for use with medical and veterinary video endoscopy systems.
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Price: $2,995.00
ESS MS247SA HD 24" LCD Surgical Monitor; Output port - BNC (Video), BNC(CSYNC), BNC(SDI), BNC x3(RGB/YPbPr), S-VIDEO; Input port - DVI, VGA, USB, S-Video (4-pin) BNC (Video), BNC (SDI), BNC x3(RGB/YPbPr); comes with VESA monitor stand - alternatively can be mounted to wall mount or monitor arm. DC 24V/5A (AC Power Supply/120VAC/120W input)
Price: $3,395.00
ESS Model: MS270P 27 inch LCD, HD; Resolution: 1920x1080; Brightness: 1000 cd/m2 (max); Input Port: VGA/DVI/ S-VIDEO/VIDEO/BNC(SDI); Output port DVI/BNC(SDI); Response Time 14ms(TYP); Power Supply: DC 24V/5A; One (1) year manufacturer's limited warranty (shipping weight is: 37lbs boxed)
Price: $6,315.00
32in (31.5in screen) surgical medical display: 3840x2160 IPS 4K screen and AR anti-glare protective front glass. Full-laminate display to prevent dust and liquid pollution during operation; 12G-SDI module supports a 2160P60 (real 4K) display; a specialized SDI cord allows lossless transmission in extra long distances over 50 meters. HDMI, SDI, USB, BNC 4-color. One (1) year limited manufacturer's warranty.
Optik View 31 inch 4K Color Surgical Display - flat-panel, high-definition, 4K back-lit LED. Video inputs: DVI, SDI (in/out), HDMI, DP, VGA - USB (up/down) connection. Resolution: 3840 × 2160 NTSC, DC 24V (AC/DC Adapter input 100~250 Vac. 60/50Hz), 130W
Price: $3,190.00
19" TFT LCD (IPS) Medical Display by FSN Medical Technology; aluminum housing; multi-signal display, multiple input, VESA Standards mounting.