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PPD Dilator 2.3mm x 200cm (18-20mm balloon)

SKU: TMS-1418
Progressive Pressure Dilator: 18-20mm diameter x 8cm length x 200cm catheter length, 2.3mm catheter diameter
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PPD Dilator 2.3mm x 200cm (18-20mm balloon)
PPD Dilator 2.3mm x 200cm (18-20mm balloon)
Product Details

Product for balloon dilation of the G.I. tract under direct endoscopic vision:

  • Trans-endoscopic access to strictures provides maximum safety and control during dilation
  • Controlled compliance balloon material produces dependable, variable radial dilation
  • Low profile balloon design and material formulation permits passage through standard endoscope accessory channels
  • Internal wire core enhances passage through the endoscope
  • Proprietary wire stop eases withdrawal into and through scope channel
  • Reduces balloon usage by one PPD achieving several controlled diameters
  • Manufacturer's Note: TMS-1418 requires a biopsy channel of 3.2mm or larger for proper deployment and recovery of the balloon.