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Ambu Disposable Vet Scopes

Ambu Disposable Vet Scopes

Ambu® aView™ Monitor & aScope™ Disposable Video Bronchoscopes

Saves Time - Saves Money!

ESS introduces the Ambu® aScope™ disposable video bronchoscopes that utilize the aView™ Portable Monitor & Processor to the Veterinary market! Easy to use and the disposable endoscopes come in pre-sterilized packaging - making deployment fast and easy!

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Ambu 5.0mm Disposable Endoscope Set with 2x Ambu 5.0mm aScopes, aView Monitor/Processor, TMS-1821 Ratigator, loop snare, and 10-pack of disposable cleaning brushes. Use in veterinary emergency rooms for quick foreign body retrieval in small animals.
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Ambu aView Monitor and processor system for Ambu disposable scopes
Ambu aScope 2 Regular, Disposable 5.0mm x 60cm with 2.2mm biopsy channel (2x/box)
Ambu aScope 2 Slim, Disposable 3.8mm x 60cm scope with 1.2mm biopsy chan. (2x/Box)
Ambu vScope Instruction Manual (English Only) - care, use, descriptions, assembly and how to use the vScope with the aView processor (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Veterinary Mobile Bronchoscopy Set (Ambu Video): aView Processor, choice of set of two (2) of either 5.0mm or 3.8mm Disposable Bronchoscopes, and an accompanying set of ten (10) Cytology Brushes for discounted package price. Leasing available.