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iCap(r) ver. 8 DICOM Image Capture & Reporting System

ESS, Inc. introduces iCap 8 - the cutting-edge software solution revolutionizing medical image capture and reporting. With a simple click, healthcare professionals can now effortlessly send completed cases directly to PACS, eliminating time-consuming file selection and reducing manual errors. iCap 8 offers a user-friendly interface, comprehensive image management capabilities, and advanced tools for DICOM video and still image capture. Experience streamlined workflows, enhanced efficiency, and superior patient care with iCap 8, ushering in a new era of medical imaging technology. Join us and unlock the full potential of medical image management with iCap 8.
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iCap(r) ver. 8 DICOM Image Capture & Reporting System
iCap(r) ver. 8 DICOM Image Capture & Reporting System
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Introducing iCap® 8:
The Future of Medical Image Capture and Reporting

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Experience the next generation of medical image capture and reporting with iCap® 8. We are proud to present a revolutionary software solution that takes your workflow to new heights, providing unmatched convenience, efficiency, and precision. With iCap 8, we have listened to the needs of healthcare professionals and implemented game-changing improvements that will transform the way you capture, manage, and share DICOM medical videos and images.

Single-Click Simplicity


The biggest leap forward in iCap® 8 is the groundbreaking feature that allows you to effortlessly send completed cases directly to PACS with a single click! No more tedious and time-consuming selection of individual files. Now, at the conclusion of a case, simply press the dedicated button, and iCap® 8 automatically transfers all the relevant files to PACS, streamlining your workflow and ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems. This remarkable advancement not only saves precious time but also eliminates the risk of manual errors, providing a reliable and efficient solution for transferring medical images.

But that's not all...

iCap® 8 boasts an array of powerful features designed to enhance your overall experience. The user-friendly interface, inspired by industry-leading software, makes navigation and operation a breeze, minimizing the learning curve for both new and experienced users. The comprehensive medical image management capabilities allow you to store, retrieve, and search patient information effortlessly, ensuring quick access to critical data when you need it most. Advanced image capture and editing tools enable you to capture high-quality images, add annotations, and generate customizable reports with ease.

Experience the future of medical image capture and reporting with iCap® 8. Streamline your workflow, improve efficiency, and enhance patient care. Discover the power of automation and convenience. Upgrade to iCap® 8 and unlock a new era in medical imaging technology.

Integrates with CloudEndo™ vendor-neutral Cloud PACS Service.