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iCap(r) v7. DICOM System

DiCOM Image and video capture software for personal computers running Windows 8.1 or above operating systems.
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iCap(r) v7. DICOM System
iCap(r) v7. DICOM System
iCap(r) v7. DICOM System
iCap(r) v7. DICOM System
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iCap(r) v7. DICOM System
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iCap(r) v7. DICOM System
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Product Details
DICOM imaging

Advancing the Workflow of Veterinary & Medical Endoscopy

Need to send a case to the referring doctor, the oncologist, and radiologist?

Wouldn't it be nice to have the ability to send them all at once?

Now you can! iCap® 7 increases efficiency, saves your time with the new ability of sending cases to multiple PACS servers at once.

With iCap®, you can capture DiCOM images and video directly onto a computer hard drive or a defined network location from an external video source.

The system catalogs the images by an identity for later review, reporting, e-mailing or printing. Our reporting feature allows you to place images directly into report templates. The iCap® system also gives you the ability to annotate your images with text, lines, and shapes.

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You can also record full-motion video clips of your procedures. Use the video clips for tutorials and seminars, send them to colleagues for analysis, or use them in educational environments such as classrooms or wet labs.

*** NEW IN v7***
Now adds DiCOM information to your videos, as well as your still images! Now, even the video devices used become part of the DiCOM record in the "DiCOM Wrapper" video header.

With iCap, users can capture still images and video clips, then easily annotate images and catalog them by an identity for easy review later. The systems can send images directly to report templates and allows images to be easily integrated other programs like PowerPoint presentations and e-mail applications.

Because the software is Windows-based, it offers the user the ability to easily network multiple capture stations together with a server to create an image archival network. The images and reports are standard image files and documents that can easily be shared via email, FTP, and easily linked to most electronic record keeping systems and/or contact management programs.

Version 7 DICOM offers support for Modality Work List services which allows for the importing of patient demographics into iCap from your worklist server.

Version 7 DICOM also now creates a legally defendable DICOM medical image with the patient metadata embedded in the image. Upon case completion, it is now easy to select the images you want to archive and send them off to your PACS for storage with all of your practices medical imaging.

Designed to work with or without a touch screen monitor, the iCap system can be used across a variety of settings. It utilizes an icon, push-button style interface, making the system as easy to use as an ATM machine. Pushing a button on the touch screen or using a mouse to click on the button achieves a desired result. Most actions can be completed with just one or two clicks.

iCap® Version 7.x - System/Usage Requirements:

  • An available USB port Camera or device that provides a IEEE-1394 or USB compatible digital format for recording
    - OR -
    A video digitizer that will convert analog video to digital.
  • Microsoft Windows version 8.1 or above (Windows 10 would be optimal)
  • DirectX 9.x drivers or above
  • CD-ROM drive for software installation (download also available)
  • 500MB of free hard disk space
  • A dedicated color video graphics card is recommended for best results.
  • Computer display/monitor

If the video can't play, YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/kjQGQxbZZxw

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