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Veterinary Mini Pelican (2.3mm x 230cm)

SKU: FG-AR-1SS 23230C-S
Veterinary Mini Pelican Grasping Forceps - 2.3mm diameter, 230cm working length.
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Veterinary Mini Pelican (2.3mm x 230cm)
Veterinary Mini Pelican (2.3mm x 230cm)
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Product Details
Veterinary Mini Pelican Alligator & Rat Tooth jaw grasping forceps.
  • 5.5mm Length combination rat tooth and alligator jaws (standard jaw lengths of the rat tooth and alligator jaw instruments)
  • 2.3mm diameter (for biopsy channels 2.5mm or larger)
  • 230cm working length (for 1 to 1.5-meter (102~150cm) length endoscopes)
  • Thumb-actuated, plunger style ergonomic handle
  • Nylon-coated sheath for smooth insertion
  • Individually sealed in sterile packages.
  • Non-autoclavable - single use human device for veterinary