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Veterinary ENT Set (Oto/Rhino/Exam) - Used/Demo

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Veterinary ENT Set (Oto/Rhino/Exam) - Demo Unit: Incl: Otoscope sheath w/2.0mm biopsy channel, Rhinoscopy sheath (2-port/1 Biopsy port @2.0mm), Exam Sheath, single-port, dual-port bridge, Obturators, Trocar and disposable cleaning brush.
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Veterinary ENT Set (Oto/Rhino/Exam) - Used/Demo
Veterinary ENT Set (Oto/Rhino/Exam) - Used/Demo
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Field Diameter Length Condition
0 deg. 2.69 mm + 10.8 cm GOOD

Veterinary ENT Set:

  • Telescope: 10.8cm L x 2.69mm/8.1FR D, Zero (0) degree
  • Otoscopy Sheath: 6.9cm L w/2.0mm biopsy channel
  • Rhinoscopy Sheath: 6.3cm Length x 11FR Diam., 2-ports + One (1) 2.0mm biopsy port, with Obturator
  • Exam Sheath: 7.0cm Lengh x 11FR Diam.
  • 2-port Bridge w/Luer Lock connection
  • 1x Sharp Trocar
  • 1x Round Obturator
  • 1x Disposable cleaning brush


  • Field: Viewing field angle of view, measured in degrees (i.e.: 0 deg. = straight forward, no angle; 30 deg. = viewing tip at a 30 degree angle; and so on)
  • Diameter: Insertion tube diameter in millimeters
  • Length: Insertion tube working length, measured in centimeters from the base of the body to the tip of the telescope.
  • Condition: Overall condition of the rigid endoscope. Factors include: operation, aesthetic appearance, condition of fiber bundle (for fiberoptic rigid endoscopes), internal light fiber bundle, and if any original parts were replaced with non-standard parts.