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Vet Otoscopy

Vet Otoscopy
Veterinary otoscopy telescopes and associated products
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Price: $3,065.00
List Price: $3,365.00
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ESS Oto Exam Kit with VO-1 Otoscope, MLS-1R light source and choice of instruments.
Price: $1,995.00
ESS VO-1 Otoscope includes CCB-20S Channel Cleaning Brush
Price: $2,050.00
Veterinary otoscope set with dual stopcock valve (luer lock connector), disp. cleaning brush, channel caps and padded carrying case
Price: $1,800.00
The OtoPet Earigator is a versatile irrigation, suction, and Insufflation system of pet ears for veterinary clinical use. Use it in conjunction with your operative otoscope for state-of-the-art ear cleaning.