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Welcome to the ESS, Inc. Virtual Booth Website Page! From here, you can navigate our entire website of products and services, contact ESS, Inc., download documentation, and view our products online!

Please look around. We are your BEST source for everything endoscopy!

Want to speak "in-virtual-person" with one of our Sales Staff? A virtual face-to-face?

Well, you can with our Google Meet Room: https://meet.google.com/aqi-zbqp-gbt

NOTE: Sales Staff are not always in the room. If nobody is there, call us and speak to one of our Sales People to let them know you'd like to meet them on Google Meet:

Call for Appt: (845) 277-1700


Olympus Logo

Olympus CV-190
Olympus CLV-190

OLYMPUS is The Best in Endoscopy, with over 70% of the Human Endoscopic market worldwide.

ESS exclusively brings OLYMPUS directly to the U.S. Veterinary market!

Olympus systems are designed to be expandable and to grow with you.  They are the best and most durable systems available.  Here are a few reasons why:


  • The Best and Most Innovative Technology
  • Superior Image Quality
  • High Definition Endoscopy
  • Narrow Band Imaging
  • Responsive Insertion Technology
  • Unmatched Tracheo-Bronchial Access
  • Dual Focus
  • Passive Bending
  • Variable Stiffness
  • Superior Scope Handling 
  • Proven Reliability

CLICK HERE for our Olympus Veterinary Section


EndoTech(tm) ALL IN ONE Portable Endoscopy System.  Veterinary video endoscopy - endoscopes and portable processor/light source.

  • Portable veterinary video processor and light source with built-in, flip-top LCD monitor and air pump for EndoTech-brand endoscopes (ETV Series)
  • SD Card for video and still image capture
  • A great selection of flexible videoscopes for upper airway and gastroscopy
  • Crystal-clear image quality
  • Bright, long-lasting LED lighting
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use

CLICK HERE for our line of EndoTech Products


AOHUA OR1200HD on Cart with Monitor & Scope

Veterinary Endoscopy Products by Aohua - featuring the VET-OR1200 HD Processor/LED Light Source Unit and the MVE-9215 Portable Video Endoscopy


Simple, Portable Video Endoscope - Quick exams just got quicker!

  • Great for Small Animal Emergency / Triage medicine.
  • Portable Mini-Monitor and Micro SD Card Image Capture perfect for exam room illustration and saving images for patient history.
  • Flexible Video Endoscope with a 9mm insertion tube and 150cm working length, which allows you to scope even your big canine patients.
  • The MVE-9215 is great for mixed practices as well; it is a popular Equine upper airway scope too.

CLICK HERE for our selection of AOHUA Products

We have a great selecton of Biopsy Forceps, Graspers and Retrievers for virtually all applications and procedures.  If there's anything you need that we don't have, Contact Us and we can see if we can get it for you.

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Need other accessories such as Biopsy Transfer Cassettes, Aspirators, or replacement Olympus buttons or water bottles?  You got it!   Find what you need in our Endoscopy Accessories.  And if you can't find it, don't forget to Contact Us - If it's endoscopy-related, we can probably get it!

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Most importantly, it's imperative you keep your endoscopes cleaned and sterilized properly, as well as maintained properly.  We have many tried-and-true cleaning supplies to keep your endoscopes and equipment clean and ready for the next procedure.  Don't forget to pick up one of our essential devices: the ESS Airtight Leakage Tester - NOTHING damages a scope faster (and is one of the most preventable damages) than fluids leaking into your endoscope!  Pick up an ATT Tester today to make sure your endoscope stays water tight when cleaning or in use!

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