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Transcervical Insemination Set (TCI)

SKU: B30-TCI-00
ESS Transcervical Insemination (TCI) Set includes TCI scope, sheath and bridge.
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Transcervical Insemination Set (TCI)
Transcervical Insemination Set (TCI)
Product Details

It is the brighter image and wider field of view that makes this scope the number one choice for CYSTOSCOPY. Veterinary urologists rely on a 4mm diameter scope to perform approximately 80% of their cystoscopies in bitches whose size is approximately 25 lbs. or larger. The sheath allows for easier flushing of the bladder and a biopsy that is 33% larger than a 2.7mm scope will provide.

The NEW ESS TCI Scope offers an instrument that is 11cm longer and 0.5mm larger in diameter when compared to that of the competition. The longer length was necessary to reach the cervix of large breed dogs. The larger diameter translates to a much wider field of view, brighter image, and better durability. Utilizing a 8 or 10 Fr polypropylene catheter, you can cannulate the cervix of a bitch and directly inject semen.

The ESS Transcervical Insemination (TCI) Set includes the following:

  • TCI Telescope (#B30-0400-00):
    • 41 cm long
    • 4.0 mm diameter
    • 30 deg. tip angle
  • TCI Sheath (dual stopcocks w/obturator; #B10-0114-01):
    • 33.5 cm long
    • 8.2 mm diameter
    • 23 French inner diameter
  • Single-Channel Bridge (4.3mm inner diameter; #B10-0121-00)

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