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Tenergy 2-Bay RCR123A Smart Charger

SKU: MLS-5002491
Tenergy 2-bay RCR123A smart charger. Includes US plug AC adapter. Includes Car 12v power cable. For ESS MLS1 & MLS1F mini light sources.
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Tenergy 2-Bay RCR123A Smart Charger
Tenergy 2-Bay RCR123A Smart Charger
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Tenergy 2-bay RCR123A Smart Charger


  • Input/Output Characteristics of External Adapter:
    • Input Voltage: AC 100V~240V 50Hz/60Hz
    • DC output no-loading voltage: 12.0V ±5%
    • Output Current: 0.5A

  • Input/output Characteristics of External Car plug:
    • Input Voltage: DC 12.0V

  • Charger LED Indication:
    • No Battery: Solid Green
    • Charging: Solid Red
    • Fully Charged: Solid Green
    • Short Circuit/Reverse Polarity: No LED Indication

  • Output Characteristics of Charger:
    • No-loading voltage: 4.50V±0.05V × 2CH
    • Rated Input Current (Normal Charging Condition): 250±50mA × 2CH @CV=3.7V
    • Output Noise : <150mV @CC= 200mA
    • Input Voltage Range: 2.50V - 4.55V × 2CH
    • LED-alter Current: 70±30mA × 2CH
      (When the battery is fully charged, LED turns red to green, and the current at that time called LED-alter Current)
    • Charging Mode: Constant current and constant voltage charging
    • Short circuit current: When a short circuit is detected, the Red LED indicator light turns OFF. The short circuit current: <600mA /CH
    • Reverse Irrigation Current: <1mA