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SonoScape HD Veterinary

SonoScape HD Veterinary

SonoScape brand Veterinary HD Endoscopy Systems: Processor/Light Source combination unit, Flexible Videoscopes, Rigid endoscopy camera attachment.

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SonoScape V-10L Large Animal Videoscope: 12.0mm Insertion Tube diameter, 330cm (3300mm) Working Length, 3.8mm Biopsy Channel (use up to 3.4mm diameter instruments)
The SonoScape(tm) V-2000 is a high-definition video system designed for frontline veterinarians. It's a versatile system that can be used with flexible, rigid, and fiberscopes, making it suitable for a wide range of animal care needs. Features a paired light source that employs dual LEDs with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, resulting in a brighter, high-quality image with minimal light loss and maximal mucosal details. The V-2000's powerful chip allows for optimal image adjustment without delay, and outputs true-to-color images, creating an excellent visualizing experience for easier and finer operations. The system also features a tactile control panel that allows for easy interaction, with all essential features adjustable directly from the front panel.
SonoScape V-10M Videoscope: 9.0mm Insertion Tube diameter, 150cm (1500mm) Working Length, 2.8mm Biopsy Channel (use up to 2.5mm diameter instruments)
SonoScape V-10S Videoscope: 5.4mm Insertion Tube diameter, 110cm (1100mm) Working Length, 2.2mm Biopsy Channel (use 1.8mm diameter instruments)
10-110-201V Camera head with focal lens 19-38mm - 60fps full HD image, CMOS image sensor, Standard C-Mount (rigid eyecup endoscopes).