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RU Scope NXB306 Flexible Fiberscope (VET ONLY-Used)

Used/refurbished flexible fiberscope - 9.0mm outer diameter, 145cm working length, 2.0mm biopsy channel (7B/0G)
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Price: $3,000.00
RU Scope NXB306 Flexible Fiberscope (VET ONLY-Used)
Product Details


Diameter Length Channel Fibers/Video Condition Waterproof? (YES/NO)
9.0 mm 145 cm 2.0 mm 7B/0G GOOD YES

* Missing Serial Number


  • Diameter, Length, Channel: Measurements of the endoscope (diameter = distal tip/insertion tube, length = insertion tube length, channel = biopsy channel diameter of endoscope)
  • Fibers/Video: Number of broken ("B") and/or grayed ("G") fibers in fiberscopes; Video endoscopes will just have "VIDEO" here
  • Condition: Overall condition of the endoscope (factors include: operation, aesthetic appearance, condition of fiber bundle and light guide bundle, and if any original parts were replaced with non-standard parts)