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Olympus VISERA OTV-S7 Pro High-Definition Camera Processor

SKU: OTV-S7pro
Brand: Olympus
VISERA OTV-S7 Pro High-Definition Camera Processor, high-resolution HDTV imaging capable, Narrow-Band Imaging (NBI), electronic magnification (1.2x & 1.5x), built-in moire-filter. Compatible with OLYMPUS bronchoscopes, URF-V Ureteroscopes, EndoEYE, 1CCD/3CCD camera heads and VISERA Videoscopes. Uses OTV-S7proH-HD-12E Autoclavable camera head (sold separately)
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Price: $5,495.00
Olympus VISERA OTV-S7 Pro High-Definition Camera Processor
Olympus VISERA OTV-S7 Pro High-Definition Camera Processor
Product Details

VISERA OTV-S7Pro High-Definition Camera Processor

Introducing the OLYMPUS OTV-S7 Pro HD Endoscopic Camera System

This system provides 2 types of image structure enhancement:

  1. Type A for observation of larger mucosal tissues with high contrast
  2. A new Type B for observation of smaller tissues, such as capillaries, additionally assisted with NBI.
Regular Vascular Patters (White Light & NBI Comparison Images)
  • Equipped with high-resolution HDTV imaging capability to assure the best possible image quality for endoscopy and laparoscopy and enabling enhanced observation of capillaries.
  • Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) to enhance the visibility of fine capillaries and the mucosal tissues.
  • Electronic magnification enlarges moving or still images by 1.2x or 1.5x with no loss of quality and built-in moire-filter.
  • Compatible with 180 Series OLYMPUS Bronchoscopes & the URF-V 3.3mm Ureteroscope.
  • Surgical endoscopes (EndoEYE, 1CCD/3CCD camera head, and VISERA videoscopes) for Laparoscopy.
  • Automatic Iris eliminates the need for switching between Peak and Average required in conventional manual adjustment.
  • HD/SD SDI output for deterioration-free images to be captured on a USB appliance or Workflow systems like iCap.
  • Available Autoclavable HD Camera head (OTV-S7proH-HD-12E) for amazing images and faster turnaround times between procedures. Using the HD camera head, rigid and fiberscopes can be used on this platform (sold separately).