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Olympus EVIS EXERA III XP190N 5.4mm Video Slimline Gastroscope (VET)

Brand: Olympus
The EVIS EXERA III GIF-XP190N Veterinary gastroscope delivers excellent image quality and illumination, enhanced NBI capabilities, and a wide 140-deg. field of view. Its 5.4 mm outer diameter makes the GIF-XP190N a powerful tool for diagnostic endoscopy whenever an ultra-slim scope is needed - Perfect for Feline G.I. applications.
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Price: $26,000.00
Olympus EVIS EXERA III XP190N 5.4mm Video Slimline Gastroscope (VET)
Olympus EVIS EXERA III XP190N 5.4mm Video Slimline Gastroscope (VET)
Product Details


Key Benefits

  • Superior image quality and wider field of view: The GIF-XP190N features full-screen image quality, enhanced Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) with significantly increased brightness, and a wider field of view (140-deg) compared to previous generations. Two light guides provide noticeably better illumination than previous generations.
  • Ultra-slim insertion tube: With its superior imaging capabilities and wide field of view, the slim GIF-XP190N is an ideal tool for diagnosis via the transnasal route or for use in patients with esophageal strictures. And a larger 2.2 mm channel provides better suction and more device compatibility.
  • Efficient design: The ergonomically designed control section delivers enhanced scope maneuverability and easy access controls. 
  • Electrocautery support: Unlike previous generations of ultra-slim gastroscopes, the GIF-XP190N is compatible with electrocautery equipment for greater flexibility when treating patients.
  • Easier setup: A new waterproof connector design minimizes the effort required for setup prior to and in between cases and eliminates the need for a water-resistant cap.

Download OLYMPUS GIF-XP190N Brochure (.pdf)

Demo View of NBI


  • Channel Width: 2.2 mm
  • Working Length:  110 cm
  • Field of View: 140 degrees
  • Direction of View: Forward viewing
  • Depth of Field: 3-100 mm
  • Outer Diameter: 5.8 mm
  • Max Angulation Up: 210 degrees
  • Max Angulation Down: 90 degrees
  • Max Angulation Right/Left: 100 degrees