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Neogen Veterinary COMPANION Disinfectant Wipes (160 ct.)

SKU: NC-490908
Neogen Veterinary COMPANION Disinfectant Wipes 160 ct. Pre-moistened towelettes, 6in x 8in (2lbs, 4oz) (*LIMIT 3 PER ORDER*)
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Neogen Veterinary COMPANION Disinfectant Wipes (160 ct.)
Neogen Veterinary COMPANION Disinfectant Wipes (160 ct.)
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Key Features:

  • Effectively kills Parvovirus and Feline Calicivirus
  • Provides effective cleaning, disinfection and odor control in a single step
  • Kills 99% of germs
  • Non-corrosive even after repetitive uses
  • No rinsing required
  • Helps improve patient turnover efficiency in clinic environment

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, there is a limit of Three (3) per order.  Orders that exceed this quantity will be reduced to the maximum (3x) quantity.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


COMPANION Disinfectant Wipes are ready-to-use wipes that effectively clean, disinfect and control odor in one step. COMPANION Disinfectant Wipes clean by removing tough soils such as dirt, fecal material, blood, urine, and mildew - leaving behind a fresh citrus scent.

COMPANION Disinfectant Wipes are formulated to be non-abrasive and non-corrosive with repetitive use. Help to reduce your clinic's patient turnover efficiency by using the convenient and effective COMPANION Disinfectant Wipes.


COMPANION Disinfectant Wipes 160 ct. Pre-moistened towelettes, 6in x 8in (Plastic dispensary container - 2lbs, 4oz weight of container & product)


  • Active Ingredient: Citric Acid
  • Use:
    • Animal transportation vehicles
    • Stainless steel
    • Vinyl
    • Medical equipment surfaces
    • Floors
    • Walls
    • Fixtures
    • Counter tops
    • Chrome
    • Glass
    • Ceramic
    • Plastic and appliances

  • Effective Against:
    • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
    • Staphylococcus aureus
    • Salmonella enterica
    • Klebsiella pneumonia
    • Listeria monocytogenes
    • Escherichia coli
    • Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
    • Staphylococcus epidermis (MRSE)
    • Enterococcus faecalis vancomycin resistant (VRE)
    • Acinetobacter baumannii
    • Canine parvovirus
    • Feline calicivirus
    • Respiratory syncytial virus
    • Rotavirus
    • Herpes simplex type 1 and type 2
    • Vaccinia
    • Influenza A
    • Adenovirus
    • Hepatitis B
    • Poliovirus