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IntraVu(r) Veterinary

IntraVu(r) Veterinary
IntraVu's Disposable Rigid Video Endoscopy system that's been tailored for use in Veterinary.  Get unlimited use exclusively for Veterinarians - normally, this unit only allows up to 10 cases/uses before shutting down.  We have an exclusive with them to have these units manufactured without that limitation - allowing for an inexpensive, semi-reusable video rigid system for small and exotic animal applications.

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The MIDASVu system provides physicians with HD quality images and video of a patient’s pathology in real time. This single use, minimally-invasive system allows for easy and convenient use in the office, minor procedure room of a surgery center, or a hospital operating room.
IntraVu® SideVu® HD Videoscope - 120mm W/L; 30-deg. viewing angle; 1.9mm O/D. Includes: 2x sheaths with single Luer-Lock port, 2x Luer-Lock fluid valves, 2x sharp-tip trocars