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International Day of Veterinary Medicine

International Day of Veterinary Medicine 12-09-21

International Day of Veterinary Medicine - December 9th

A day that recognizes the important work done by veterinarians and organizations such as the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) whose vision and mission is to promote a strong and unified veterinary sector that can protect animal as well as human health and welfare.

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Image of Vet Net

Vet Net(tm) Retriever - 2.3mm x 230cm (30mm Net)

SKU: PTW-2323-30
Brand: Endoscopy Support Svcs (ESS)

ESS Vet Net(tm) Retriever (30mm Net) - 2.3mm x 230cm - for scopes with a 2.6mm or larger instrument channel ** FOR VETERINARY USE ONLY **

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Image of Camera Drape on Rigid Scope/Camera

Universal Camera Drapes (box/50)

Brand: Endoscopy Support Svcs (ESS)

SAVE TIME BETWEEN PROCEDURES - A practical alternative to sterilants. Plastic endoscopy camera head cover/drapes - 7" x 96"; case of 50

Price: $395.00 - 15% OFF