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ESS: Best Source for Equine Veterinary Workflows

ESS: Your best source for Equine Veterinary Workflow Solutions

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Specialty Endoscopy...

OLYMPUS(r) 190 System

190 System

Mindray(r) Rigid Arthroscopy

Mindray Rigid Endoscopy Instruments
  • 2.7mm, 30-degree telescope
  • Exam Sheath: 2 Luer Lock ports with stopcock
  • Sharp and Blunt Trocars

Mobile Videoscopy...

USB Endoscopy

USB Endo System 3-meter
  • Plugs directly into a PC/Laptop USB port (the computer becomes the video processor!)
  • 150cm and 3-meter length endoscopes
  • Purchase with an ESS-L35A/O LED Light Source with air pump and water bottle (uses OLYMPUS(r) 100-130 Series single-port connector)
  • Available iCap(r) Laptops for DiCOM image capture, report generation and CloudEndo(tm) PACS Cloud Service with 50 free cases
  • Add an iCap(r) USB Camera to use rigid telescopes or fiberoptic endoscopes with eyepiece adapter (sold separately)
  • Full package includes 1-2 year ScopePlus(tm) Service Contract

ESS Track Case

ESS Track Case image

Take your equipment anywhere!

  • Made of durable polypropylene plastic with metal mounting plates/hardware
  • Padded, removable front and back covers
  • Easy transport with roller wheels and retractable handle
  • Custom-made to fit your equipment -OR- we can design a mobile system for you
  • Made of recycled materials in the U.S.A.

DiCOM PACS Services...

iCap(r) Image Capture and Reporting System

  • Capture and organize DiCOM Images
  • Captures high-definition video sequences
  • Generate reports to share with clients and colleaues
  • Annotate images with drawing and text tools
  • Save your images, videos and reports to your computer for easy retrieval
  • Send directly to your PACS service with LAN, WiFi, or Mobile Hotspot, or send over a network to another computer

CloudEndo Cloud PACS Service

CloudEndo Image

A Vendor Neutral Archive made for modern medicine. Complete medical media management.

Repair Services...

ESS Service Department

ESS Service Dept. image

Serving the Veterinary Community with quality repair services with over 65 years of combined repair experience since 1989!

  • Flexible Endoscopes
  • Rigid Telescopes
  • Video Processors
  • Light Sources
  • Instruments and Accessories

ScopePlus(tm) Service Contract

ScopePlus Service Contract

Save money, and keep your endoscopes at peak performance!

Some of the repairs covered:

  • Adjust/Replace Control Cables
  • Unblock Air/Water Nozzle
  • Replace Bending Rubber
  • Replace Biopsy Channel
  • Replace Light Guide

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