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EndoTech Veterinary Video Endoscopy System

EndoTech System

EndoTech(tm) Veterinary Video Endoscopy System

ESS Quality Control has found issues with the most recent software/hardware interface of the EndoTech(tm) system, and have ceased purchasing these products.

We will be suspending sales of these products indefinitely.

NOTE: We will still support repair services for the EndoTech(tm) units we've sold.  If you are having any problems that need our experienced repair staff's attention, please feel free to Contact Us or send your EndoTech(tm) endoscopes and/or processor to our Service Department: endoscopy.com/Repair.

We at ESS, Inc. want to bring you the best in products and reliability to compliment your practice needs. Please feel free to view some of the other products offered by ESS, Inc.