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ESS Oto Exam Kit (VO-1, MLS-1R and Instruments) [Veterinary]

ESS Oto Exam Kit with VO-1 Otoscope, MLS-1R light source and choice of instruments.
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ESS Oto Exam Kit (VO-1, MLS-1R and Instruments) [Veterinary]
ESS Oto Exam Kit (VO-1, MLS-1R and Instruments) [Veterinary]
Product Details

The ESS Oto Exam Set is a simple, easy to use Veterinary ear examination scope to quickly check your patient's ear health.  It is lighted by our popular, compact high-intensity MLS-1R LED light source.  Set includes your choice of retrievers for use to remove foreign objects upon discovery.

Set Includes:

  • VO-1 Otoscope (Zero/0 degree view, 2.0mm instrument channel w/Luer Lock connector & cleaning brush)
  • MLS-1R Battery-Powered High-Intensity LED light source (with all MLS set components)
  • Choice of instruments:
    • *QGR-3053 5FR Alligator Jaw Retriever (65cm W/L)
    • *QGR-3155 5FR Rat Tooth Retriever (65cm W/L)

* Set is for one (1) instrument.  Purchase both instruments with this set and save an additional $50 for a total savings of $350.00!

Can substitute an instrument for a different style of equal or lesser value. Inquire with an ESS Sales Rep. for more information.