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Advantage VETSEAL Products

Advantage VETSEAL Products

Advantage VetSEAL(tm)

Vessel Sealing System Products

The VetSEAL is an advanced electrosurgery generator from the human market with a fully autoclavable bipolar thermo-fusion hand piece for sealing vessels. Vessels are permanantly sealed without leaving any foreign material, such as sutures in the body.

Thermo-fusion of vessels with the VetSEAL is fast and secure and can be repeated as many times as necessary during the procedure.

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Price: $17,000.00
Advantage VETSEAL - Complete 5mm (USA) - Includes Generator, 5mm Handpiece and cable, 5 Blades, Footswitch, Monopolar and Bipolar instruments.
Price: $758.00
5.0mm cable that connects to the VetSEAL(tm) System to connect the VETSEAL-5 handles to the unit - Spare Cable
Price: $555.00
5.0mm replacement cutting blades for the VetSEAL-5 handpiece/jaws. Sold as a pack of five (5) individually-sealed blades.