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Accessories Summer Sale (Good til July 31, 2018)

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Get 5% off* of the purchase of these selected Accessories from now until July 31st!

* One-time use only, 5% off subtotal (does not include tax and/or shipping costs).  For a limited time only.  Does not include special-order items under these categories.  Use coupon code "ACJuly5" online or by phone-in order.

Image: ESS Ratigator

ESS "The Ratigator" - Veterinary Combination Rat Tooth and Alligator Jaw Grasper

Designed to grab onto objects where you need the abilities of both the Rat Tooth grasper's tips, as well as the anti-slip surface of the Alligator Jaw grasper.  One of our most versatile, veterinary graspers available!

Image: ESS Reusable Channel Cleaning brush head

ESS Reusable Channel Cleaning Brush

Reusable and autoclavable, our reusable cleaning brushes will keep your endoscope biopsy channels clean and debris free for years of smooth operation.

Image: ESS disposable veterinary biopsy forcep jaws (Ellipsoid Cup shown)

ESS Disposable Veterinary Biopsy Instruments.

An alternative to reusable instruments, these ESS disposable biopsy instruments work and feel like the reusable versions, but at a fraction of the cost!  If they break, just toss them and use another.  Soaking methods only for cleaning.

Image: Cytology Brush

ESS Veterinary Cytology Brushes.

Easy to use disposable cytology brushes in 1.8mm and 2.4mm catheter sizes. Strong, retractable brushes will get you the cellular scraping you need for a proper biopsy.