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ATMOS LC27 Battery-Powered Compact Suction Unit

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ATMOS LC27 Battery-Powered Compact Suction Unit for Veterinary & Human Medicine applications. Comes with tubing and collection bottle; features suction adjustment, vacuum gauge.
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ATMOS LC27 Battery-Powered Compact Suction Unit
ATMOS LC27 Battery-Powered Compact Suction Unit
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LC27 Battery-Powered Compact Suction Unit


The new ATMOS LC 27 doesn't come with lots of controls. Instead, it has just the ones you really need. They are colored blue and designed in such a way that you as the user cannot make any mistakes when performing bronchial suction.


Switching the suction device on and off

There is a single button for both, easily pressed even without looking at it. This way you can focus entirely on handling the suction hose and catheter correctly.


Adjusting the vacuum

Set a patient-specific vacuum with the easy-to-use vacuum regulator. An easily legible vacuum gauge provides a precise suction capacity reading at a glance.


Removing/connecting the secretion canisters

The intuitive release button makes removing the single-patient secretion canister quick and easy. Connecting is easier still: Just slide the single-patient secretion canister into the device until it clicks into place.


Connecting the suction hose

Use the hose connection designed by ATMOS. Just hook up the suction hose, screw tight, and you're done!

One bronchial suction device.
Many benefits.

When considering the benefits, ATMOS didn't just ask themselves what they should be. They first and foremost asked people who are forced to rely on bronchial suction devices and those who work with them every day, including both veterinarians and medical professionals.

The most frequent responses they encountered were "self-explanatory" and "immediately ready to use", but also "safe" and "portable".

Inspired and motivated by this feedback, ATMOS drew on their decades of expertise in the field of bronchial suction and designed a new bronchial suction device for both veterinary and human medical use: the ATMOS LC 27.

This device will aid you in performing vitally necessary bronchial suction safely and easily, whether you're a veterinarian caring for animals or a medical professional providing patient care. It will significantly reduce your workload and integrate perfectly with your surroundings.