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AOHUA Veterinary

AOHUA Veterinary
AOHUA Veterinary Products including the AVC-1 HD System, OR-100 HD System, OR1200 System and other AOHUA Endoscopy.

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Veterinary HD-VGB-35 video endoscope for AOHUA AVC-1 System - 12.8mm outer diameter, 350cm working length, 3.7mm biopsy channel, 4-way articulation.
Portable Veterinary Videoscope - 150cm working length, 9.0mm outer diameter, 2.8mm biopsy channel; One (1) year warranty
AOHUA Veterinary Airway Video Endoscope - 100cm working length, 5.9mm outer diameter, 2.0mm biopsy channel, 2-way articulation (Up: 140-deg, Down: 130-deg); includes LCD color screen with video/image capture, battery-powered light source, charging station, USB cables (for power), biopsy instrument, leak tester and manual in protective soft case.
Veterinary HD-VGS-15 video endoscope for AOHUA AVC-1 System - 8.0mm outer diameter, 150cm working length, 2.8mm biopsy channel, 4-way articulation.
VET-8028HD Veterinary Video Gastroscope, 8.5mm O/D x 150cm W/L x 2.8mm channel, 4-way articulation. Fits AOHUA OR1200 Series and OR-100 Series.
AOHUA AVC-1 HD Veterinary Endoscopy System. Portable, versatile, high clarity for powerful diagnostics - 140 degree wide angle, Hemoglobin Enhancement (HbE), LCD touch-screen controller interface, digital zoom function. Videoscopes are lightweight with easy controls - plug-and-play ease of use. *NOTE: Unit requires a video monitor or iCap computer system (laptop or desktop) with at least iCap version 5 installed*
AOHUA VET-OR1200 HD Processor/LED Light Source Unit
Veterinary Video Endoscope for Small Animal Use - 150cm working length, 8.5mm diameter, 2.0mm biopsy channel; One (1) year warranty
Veterinary Small Animal Video Endoscope - 100cm working length, 6.0mm outer diameter, 2.2mm biopsy channel; 4-way articulation. One (1) year warranty
Veterinary Equine Video Endoscope - 300cm working length (3-meter), 9.6mm outer diameter, 2.8mm biopsy channel; One (1) year warranty
Veterinary Video 1.5-meter Endoscope - 150cm working length, 9.0mm outer diameter, 2.8mm biopsy channel, 4-way deflection; One (1) year warranty
Veterinary Video 3.5-meter Endoscope - 350cm working length, 12.8mm outer diameter, 3.7mm biopsy channel; One (1) year warranty
AOHUA VET-OR1200R Standard Processor/LED Light Source combination unit with OTV camera head for rigid endoscopy.
HD-VGS-6012 HD Video Bronchoscope for AVC-1 System - 3.5mm O/D x 60cm (600mm) W/L; 1.2mm Biopsy Channel; 2-way angulation - Up: 160-deg.; Down: 130-deg. Comes with soft-case, airtight tester, cleaning accessories.