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Welcome to AAEP 2020
Endoscopy Support Services, Inc.
December 1-9, 2020

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Welcome to the ESS, Inc. Virtual Site for the American Association of Equine Practitioner's Convention!

Due to the Pandemic, we are offering our usual products online. Don't be concerned, we will still be offering our great deals on used fiberoptic endoscopes that we do every year, as well as our offerings of instruments, light sources, cleaning supplies and New Products to suit any of your needs for your practice...

Just virtually this year!

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Overground Exercise Laryngoscope (OEL)

The Overground Exercise Laryngoscope (OEL) has been developed in response to the requirement of veterinarians to carry out dynamic upper respiratory examinations. Existing methods of endoscopy practiced in conjunction with a treadmill do not simulate conditions experienced when the horse is galloping in the field.

This system is designed to give a stable image while the horse is galloping in real-world/field conditions. Once the endoscope is correctly positioned and secured, the distal end will retain its position throughout the examination.

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VET-160-3000 Image

Olympus-Brand Custom 3-Meter Videoscope

The VET-160-3000 is a custom-built 3-meter videoscope for equine use. ESS can have a standard 160-Series Olympus Videoscope extended to 300cm in length for you to use as an Equine Gastroscope.

  • 11.5mm Insertion Tube diameter
  • 300cm (3-meter) Insertion Tube Length
  • 2.8mm Biopsy Channel diameter (for 2.3-2.5mm instruments)
  • High-Quality Video CCD

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Guttural Pouch Probes

Our Guttural Pouch Probes are designed to act as a guide wire to make insertion of the endoscope into the pouch fast & easy.

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Cleaning/Maintenance Supplies

Keep your endoscopy equipment cleaned, checked, and ready-to-use!

View this section for products you can use:

  • Channel Cleaning Brushes
  • Airtight Leak Testers (ATT-Series)
  • Sponges
  • Disinfectants
  • Enzymatic cleaners
  • Cleaning Trays
  • Silicon Oils

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ESS EQD1 Equine Dental Endoscope

Long rigid telescope to examine the health of your horse's mouth

  • 7.2mm insertion tube diameter
  • 520mm working length
  • 60-degree Direction of View
  • 40-degree Field of View
  • Includes lens cleaning solution and cotton swabs

Pairs Perfectly with the ESS MLS-1R LED Light Source!

Don't forget to add it to your EQD1 Purchase!

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iCap(r) v6 InfoGraphic

iCap(r) is your premier DICOM image capture and reporting system. Take high-quality still images and video clips for later review, annotate your still images, and create reports for distribution to colleagues and clients alike.

iCap(r) pairs perfectly with CloudEndo(tm)!

iCap v6 DICOM Page
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A Vendor Neutral Archive made for modern medicine - Complete medical media management.

Delivery of medical care creates a unique set of data and imaging demands for healthcare providers. Each department within the healthcare delivery system will generate large amounts of data. Each site can create multiple files and types of media from each of its modalities.

CloudEndo (DICOM-Services.com)