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Ambu 5.0mm Disposable Endoscope Set with 2x Ambu 5.0mm aScopes, aView Monitor/Processor, TMS-1821 Ratigator, loop snare, and cleaning brushes. Use in veterinary emergency rooms for quick foreign body retrieval in small animals.
'The Ratigator' combination rat tooth and alligator jaw veterinary retriever - 2.4mm x 230cm, 15mm jaw
'The Ratigator' combination rat tooth and alligator jaw veterinary retriever - 1.8mm x 210cm, 8mm jaws
FG-AR-1SL 23230C
Veterinary Pelican Grasping Forceps - 2.3mm diameter, 230cm working length. Semi-disposable, non-autoclavable.
Reusable combination rat-tooth and alligator jaw grasper. Jaw opens to 15mm at the tips. Insertion tube diameter is 2.4mm, but the head/closed jaws measure 2.7mm, so use in a 3.0mm or larger biopsy channel (such as the Olympus PCF-PH190L or PCF-PH190I); 230cm working length. Non-sterile - soak or gas sterilize before use. INTENDED FOR VETERINARY USE ONLY - NOT FDA APPROVED FOR HUMAN USE.